Day 27: Chester, IL to Farmington, MO (48 miles)


Happy summer solstice! To celebrate it, we crossed the mighty Mississippi. What a beautiful, historic river.

And now, everything from here on out is new territory for Izzy.

We had a good nights rest at the Eagles Club and ended up meeting another cyclist, Aaron, who rode with us today. Turns out, he’s another recent undergraduate with a degree in Biology! Yay, Bio nerds on bikes.

It was a smooth ride today, but gah it got hot. We took our lunch break at a conveniently located brewery, Crown River (right on route 76), open at very a inconvenient time (they were closed today). But, their front patio had a perfect shade spot, they let us fill up our water, and they even let us buy a six pack!! Thanks Crown River.

After lunch we got the chance to meet a TransAm racer, Danny from Southern Georgia. He was taking a quick break to change his socks just four miles outside of Farmington.

I’ve been so excited to see racers, so I was glad to have finally met one! Traveling from West to East, Danny was on day 19, averaging somewhere around 200 miles a day, and planned to finish in under 25 days. Go Danny!

After stopping for snacks at a gas station and saying our goodbyes to Aaron, we headed to our next Warmshowers host, Nathan. He and his wife have a beautiful family. Being a biker himself, Nathan gave us a lot of information about the near by bike routes and good places to stop along the way.

We even got the chance to meet two of Nathan’s friends over dinner. His friend Brian had done the TransAm before and had also completed the race a few years ago. If you guys are reading this — Thanks for the great company, beer, burgers, stories, and laughs! You guys are amazing.

Excited for some sleep. Much love everyone ❤️

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