Day 43: Cañon city to Hartsel


A climb day!

We started out from Canon city, and began our accent towards Guffey. We took a quick snack break at a dinosaur museum. It seemed like it had a couple of neat exhibits, but we decided against taking a tour.

It was a hot and long climb through the Rockies, but these grades are so much more gradual and scenic compared to the Appalachia, so it wasn’t all that bad in comparison.

Just two or three miles from our lunch spot, I got my first flat.

happy to have gotten my first flat in CO, but sad to have a have a flat

Pretty good for some nondescript used tires Asheville.

We took a nice long lunch break at a restaurant called Bull Moose, which had awesome burgers and a couple of good booths in a room next door for napping. At around 3:30 pm we hit the road again, headed for Hartsel.

The more we rode, the darker the sky became with clouds. A storm was definitely approaching. It started sprinkling, and I pulled over to put on my rain jacket. I knew it would start raining pretty hard in a few minutes, and well- it did.

As I came down a small hill, I found Izzy waiting, cold and wet. When you’re 8–9,000 ft up in altitude, the rain is pretty cold, and it gets to you. Izzy wanted to bike 1–2 miles back to a ranch to take shelter.

Aaron came up behind us, and our vote overruled Izzy’s. We decided to keep biking through the rain and could take shelter further down the road if need be.

Though it was cold, and there was a fair amount of thunder and lightning, we made it past the storm pretty quickly.

It was all downhill into Hartsel, where we set up camp behind the local bar. Izzy took advantage of their happy hour, I cooked some ramen, and Aaron went on an adventure. I joined Izzy for a beverage, then we all hit the sack.


Much love,


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