Happy Thunder Thigh TransAmerica Tour Eve!

Blog entry #001

Izzy, here. Tomorrow (5/25), Lila and I will be driven to Yorktown, VA by our good friend, and honorary third Thunder Thigh, Nico. We will be leaving from Raleigh around 1 pm and we expect to arrive at our coastal campsite by 6:30 or so.

Tonight Lila and I met up at Nico’s apartment to perform a gear check.

My gear arranged on the couch, Lila’s clumped on the floor next to Lila’s bottom half.

Two interesting items found in Lila’s pile: super glue and googly eyes. Apparently Lila has a hobby of glueing these googly eyes to inanimate objects and then chuckling about it. In the two years I’ve known Lila she has not once mentioned this artistic pursuit. I thought I knew this woman. Who is the real “Lila” I’ve pledged to spend the next 2–3 months with? What else is she hiding?

More, next time on Thunder Thighs, 2017, season 1.

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