Fundraising is sales. When raising money for your company, you are are selling a portion of the company in exchange for money. It’s therefore helpful to view your company as a product and fundraising as a matching process between your company and a prospective buyer. Most buyers are seeking a financial return but it’s also worth considering some of the intangible benefits an investor might also be seeking — from association and reputation, to the opportunity of being part of something exciting.

Fundraising should be managed as a sales and marketing process. This doesn’t mean it’s as easy as ABC.

On Tuesday, May 29, in the heart of Makati’s central business district, we officially launched BloomX — our vision for making cryptocurrencies more accessible and safer in Asia.

Attended by over 100 people, this was a private event for our partners, supporters, and users of our system.

We celebrated how, in the last two and half years, we’ve been successful at reducing the cost of remittances for thousands of migrant Filipinos all over the world. …

Someone asked for my advice yesterday on how to raise funding for their startup. I’ve only done it a handful of times so don’t claim to be an expert, but here are some thoughts on the subject.

don’t confuse means with ends

Startups are in vogue and along with that, is the notion that raising funding is the number one goal. Advice on how to hone your elevator pitch and how to create the perfect deck abound. While I think this advice is valuable, you mustn’t confuse fundrasing as the end objective. Fundraising is a means to an end.

If you’re raising funding to “grow”…

Israel Keys

Founder and CEO of Bloom Technologies. Likes thinking about entrepreneurship, leadership, the future of work, and crypto.

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