Personal Project — Introduction



For the past four years I remember being interested in video editing and creating videos. While it started with some gameplay recordings I put some music under, I now love making videos for school projects.

I usually make the videos more comedy-based, but for PP I wanted to do something outside of my comfort-zone. I want to make a serious, professionally-made documentary.

So what would be the subject? Well, I thought that one place I could easily go to and has a very global and rich history, is Amsterdam. I decided to make a brief history of Amsterdam where I visit important landmarks.

I would do the research, write the script and film and edit the video, but I thought my friend Federico would be a very enthusiastic person to present the documentary.

Area of Interest

The skills I will be using for this project will be script-writing, filmmaking and editing. Especially the script-writing will be a challenge as I will need to simplify Amsterdam’s story while also connecting moments in time to certain places in Amsterdam. I want to make it seem as professional as possible, that’s my main goal.

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