PP — Change of Subject & Small Update



After discussing my chosen subject with my parents they pointed out that my subject was probably a little too broad. Me being of Jewish heritage, we often discuss topics that include Judaism, so we realized; why not combine the two? I have now decided to make my documentary on Jewish-Amsterdam as it will be a little easier to cover all main points, events and impacts.


I have also started preparing to begin my project. The first thing I was thinking about was my equipment. I have a decent DSLR camera, so that area’s covered. An important thing I needed was a good microphone, as the camera’s on-board microphone is not very good. My stepdad is luckily in the audio-business, so he can probably provide me with a good a good microphone. Another thing I want to get and learn how to use well, is a more professional editing application, since iMovie is too basic to really have full creative flexibility when editing. I am planning on getting the application Final Cut Pro X which is one of the best editing applications available for Mac. I also received a picture-based book about WWII from my grandparents, which will be a useful source for my research.

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