A very simple diamond

Find value in simplicity

Simplicity in times of hardship

At some point in my life I adopted the mentality that I should approach problems with complex solutions. Certainly I was no expert, which is no different now, but I allowed myself to believe that by that time I must be capable of handling all types of complexity, otherwise I was unfit. Scroll a couple of years into my future, and you'd notice I often found myself overwhelmed, confused, and quite frankly lost, which made me unfit. Why? Because my solutions to problems was often more complex than the problem itself, which in turn posed the solution as problematic and thus a really complex problem was born.

Swipe a bit further down the years, now I'm struggling to keep it all together. Want to know how? With a tremendously complex solution to a seemingly staggeringly complex problem, a solution barely stitched together with some pieces of painters tape, a lot of hope and a big dream.

I asked myself constantly for months, "What is the problem here? Why can't I do this? Why aren't my solutions working if the problems seems so simple to begin with?" But you know life has this astronomically sized bat which it uses to beat sense into you from time to time, so I found myself sitting in a literal counseling room with life on the other side. See that's when my counselor told me I was dealing with severe depression and crippling anxiety. I had been able to manage it but in doing so, I was turning my whole life into a staggeringly complex problem; because my solution was to undertake even more complex problems and hope that I would surely acquire the necessary wisdom to deal with the previous one by solving that more complex one.

So I don't do that anymore, at least not so often 'old habits die hard', my life was filled with noisy scribbles that went around the pages and filled every corner with doubt. I was headed nowhere fast, except to my doom, with my complex approach. My counselor suggested a new solution, a simple one, practice mindfulness, start with the simple stuff, relearn the basics, breathe.

Finally, jump to the blank new pages the ones that are still under construction, being edited and written as I go. What do you see? A lot of mindfulness, and very few words but a lot more feeling, simple solutions to even very complex problems.

Overcome the toughest struggles by embracing the most simple things.

When a sea of stimulus batters your ship with ever louder waves of complex situations and ruffling distractions that nuance your daily maritime travels to their very core, find the simple winds and ride them. Remember simple does not mean easy, keep it in mind when things get hard, simple means it's doable, and everything is doable.