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Should I try using Linux?

A lists approach! 😄


Yes, do it! Pop up a virtual machine and try it.

I like lists! Does anyone else like lists? I think I’m gonna do some lists today.


10 Frequently asked questions
3 Reasons to use FOSS
3 Reasons to use Linux
3 Linux distributions to try
3 Flavors to look at
3 Resources to learn how to do stuff


  1. What does FOSS stand for? Free Open Source Software
  2. What is that bit in between Free Software “Open Source” ? It means that you can freely look at the code that was used to develop that Free software and possibly reproduce it or modify it to better suit your needs according to a licensing agreement.
  3. Isn't Linux super hard to use? Nope, in fact some distributions are very similar to Windows and other ones to Mac, so take your pick and be open minded. 😉
  4. What are Linux distributions? Linux distributions are different operating systems based on the Linux Kernel, each of those os’ s does things differently but they might look similar.
  5. How do I try them without breaking my computer? Use a virtual machine such as VirtualBox.
  6. What is a virtual machine? It’s a program that allows you to run a emulated(simulated) computer in your computer.
  7. When I look up the same distribution I get different looking images? Aside from the usual wide range of user customizations made to their installations, I would asume that those are probably flavors.
  8. What are flavors? Flavors are pre-configured packages that contain their own style (images, icons, colors, & layouts) and sets of programs.
  9. That’s good and all, but how does that help me? So that means that whatever you don’t like about your distro you can probably change it just by switching flavors.
  10. Ok, all of this sounds very sounds very complicated? It’s probably as hard as installing an app on your phone or installing any program on your computer, so just give it a try and judge it by your own experience.

Reasons to use FOSS

  • Support a movement that embraces improvement through collaboration
  • No matter if you haven't contributed a single line of code, you'll be forming part of the huge Linux community, which is really helpful and you'll notice
  • It’s Free and It works

Reasons to use Linux

  • It's very efficient
  • Almost everything in it is free
  • You can do whatever you want with it, eve if you break it it's very easy, quick, and free to replace or fix it by yourself

Recommended Linux distros

Recommended Flavors


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