A piece of quartz or a kid reading in the shadows

The importance of going out

Finding meaning in culture & entertainment

There is a fine line between, wasting your time and investing your time. Everytime you go out you have the chance to do either one, please choose wisely. Any entertainment or anything you live through is an opportunity to learn, grow, and endure, so take a chance to go out entertain yourself, learn grow, and endure. And most importantly every time you go out take the time to turn it into an investment in your; learn from the experience, make the decision to change whatever is necessary to overcome any adversity you face and commit yourself to your desired growth.

Sometimes you just need to seek out experiences, crave change and promote growth.

Countless people will tell you that there is no opportunity for growth if there is no change, but you need to realize that the very essence of change is rooted on experience, which going out, facing culture, provides. Know that experience itself is not change, and it also does not imply growth. The process that lives right at the intersection between experience and change is self-evaluation(meditation and mindfulness are great for this), it's required that you think about what you feel and want in order for you to truly make changes. And at the corner of change and growth is commitment there's nothing in this life as powerful as commitment, nothing will take you further, so use it!

Commitment is a synonym for love, and you should practice self-love.