Destiny steps

Destiny is the result of your decisions. The only predestined things are decisions. This is because for every decision there is a result. For every decision there is a consequence. So, the decisions are the ones that are predetemined.

What you decide to do then becomes who you will be. At the end of a decision is a destiny and a future.

Our future is coming to us at the rate of our decisions. As much as you know how your future will be, as much as you know and are convinced of your future it is only getting to you at the rate of decisions you are making.

Therefore your predetemined future is a result of the decisions you ll make. The link between the future and your present is the action of now.

Every day we make a decision to get closer to a future regardless of how it looks like; good or bad.

The key of life is to look forward and not backward. The best out look in life is to ever looking forward.