The Good Pain

I have come to believe that the most tasking activity next to performing a heart transplant is creating a new mindset.

Creating a new mindset for yourself or initiating for someone else is a very delicate undertaking. I am referring to adopting a new corrective mindset. Deciding to eliminate the destructive processes and ideas in your mindset requires determination, perseverance and persistence.

It’s like flashing your whole system. It’s like performing a surgery on yourself. You need to cut through your mind and remove the elements that are destroying you, do corrective measures and then plant what you require in there.

Your life is a whole system of how you think, you understand and you speak. To create a new system of operating in your life, new results, new future and better outlook of life you will have to work on these elements.

Well nothing worthwhile comes with no opportunity cost. In everything we try to accomplish we have to pay a price to achieve the desired results.

An investment in a better mindset is going to be painful. Infact, pain is what you feel when something wrong is exiting your life.

Working on yourself mentally is most crucial before anything else. When one overcomes his mindset he takes charge of his/her life. This is not a very enticing activity for many of us. Many people would rather focus on changing many physical aspects of life rather than their inward self.

Sometimes the pain that comes with progress makes the progress antagonistic. The common is that pain is a sign of hurt and bad. No one should go through any pain. Pain is harmful.

Identifying the good pain process in life is crucial. Life in your 20s for example can experience one of the biggest pains that are essential for your life and mindset.

Pain is the feeling you have when something wrong is leaving you.

Without pain there is no real progress. Life is meant for overcoming. Life is meant for advancing from one stage to another. Life is not meant to be a constant thing.

Sometimes pain comes to remove us from a stagnating position.

Pain also comes to usher us into a new level of operation. Pain is also a process of preparation for experiencing a better joy than you are experiencing at the moment. Pain is just a crossroad to the main road. It’s just a bypass to the main highway.

Come to think of it,without pain you would be still having your milk teeth. if it was not for pain, you won’t have gotten here because​ labor pains pushed you out.

Pain is the process of eliminating previous joys to get better joy. There is natural pain and self inflicting pain. Self inflicting pain is when you choose to dwell on the pain (which is just a crossroad) instead of allowing it to take you to your next joy. Naturally pain doesn't last, we allow it to. At the end of pain, there is a healing. And getting to your healing is a choice. You access healing by reaching out to it.

Why is there a lot of pain in the world? People don't want to access their joy which awaits after pain. Pain has been accepted as the way of life. Pain has become a destination rather than a passing stage. 
Pain is not a destination. People hinder others from accessing their joy too. They hinder people from leaving their painful situation.

My conclusion is, you can allow yourself to access greater Joy by going through processes of pain which brings progress. You can disallow yourself to get stuck in pain as a destination, or lead yourself to unnecessary pain. You can also help others leave their own pain by allowing them to access a greater Joy you have experienced too.

“There is no evil in the universe which is not the result of ignorance, and which would not, if we were ready and willing to learn its lesson, lead us to higher wisdom, and then vanish away. But men remain in evil, and it does not pass away because men are not willing or prepared to learn the lesson which it came to teach them.” -James Allen

Alexander Solzhenistyn(After 8yrs in prison) "I bless you prison- I bless you for being in my life- for there lying in rotting prison straw, I learned the object of life is not prospering as I had grown up believing, but it is the maturing of the soul."