I was once told to fear only myself
because I was the one and only obstacle
I would continuously face
in all of my pursuits

Throughout the years
believing this piece of advice,
A shield was placed
to block all types of horrors
The type of blinkers that horses wear on the road
so as to promote straight vision
towards the goal, the finish line
the straight path to success

and to prevent distractions,
to steer clear from the distractions,
bundles of recklessness,
fun and joy
Seemingly, adventures would always unfold along the straight path
but allowing yourself
off this road, would be detrimental
to the notion of success
that society continuously shoves down your throat

I spent my whole life
Fearing lack of self control,
fearing that I would lose sight of the end goal
and fall into a haze of uncertainty

I realized, through this, that I would become my own worst fear –
I may shield myself from instability,
chaos and conflict
In order to follow my presumed journey to success and happiness
When the happiness and fulfillment
may instead be found through the chaos
and conflict
that I would spend my time avoiding

I realized the vital nature of disorder
of spontaneity
The beauty of the unknown, the beauty of learning
from failure, disaster

I realized that yes, I am the one to fear
but it is because I alone hold the power
to deprive myself from truly living

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