How to Win Featured Snippets for Mobiles

Google has developed a lot of features for SERPs. Out of all those, featured snippets and local packs are the ones that have gained much popularity. While local packs are quite handy in getting the attention of clients looking for services in specific areas, featured snippets provide and overall advantage by giving an insight of the content by picking the best part of it. Hence, it has the capability to bring a lot of people on the website.

Websites that should be looking to get a featured snippet in SERPs

Talking about featured snippets in general, it is not the feature without which your SEO cannot survive or thrive. It is basically an additional feature which provides added advantage to the websites which do well on SERPs. In other words, this feature basically does an addition in the credibility of a website. Having that said, it is worth discussing which websites should get featured snippets.

· The websites which have their on-page and technical SEO under controls are the ones which should get featured snippets. Those are the websites which have proven their credibility, and so Google awards them the featured snippet.

· There are some specific keywords which trigger featured snippets. For instance, websites related to traveling usually get featured snippets more than other categories. It means if your website belongs to a specific category whose websites get more featured snippets, you have less competition to go through in order to get a snippet.

Finding opportunity for snippets

Using SEMRush, you can check which of your website’s keywords can trigger featured snippets and still your website has not got a snippet in this regard. You can check it in the ‘opportunity’ tab. You will be able to see the volume of the keyword, visiting potential, position in SERPs, and the landing pages that have won snippets.

Keep in mind that SERPs undergo changes pretty frequently, especially after Google has made algorithmic operations real-time. Hence, you cannot predict if your website would always qualify for a featured snippet. But you can always stick with the best practices to make sure that you do well in search results, end eventually qualify for featured snippet.

Getting your website into mobile featured snippet

Speaking of the best practices, there are a few things that you can do bring your website into the Google’s attention.

· You should optimize website’s URLs and search snippets.

· Keep into consideration the industry best practices and perform optimization based on those practices.

· Look at the top of SERPs. It should help in arranging and maintaining your target keywords.

· Use structured data because it helps search engine bots to understand your text’s structure.