Hey Syria, how are you?

Not fine, but thank you for the question,

I’m bleeding, wounded, teetering on the edge,

My household have a quarrel, some have left, and my neighbors are the ones who fuel the fire of strife between my family members, the sons of one country, anyway, thank you for the question,

The intruders have been destroying my house, the terrorism smashed my history and erased my heritage, indeed, thank you for the question,

My soil is being trespassed by all armies, my airspace is being penetrated by all jet fighters and I can do nothing, in any case, thank you for the question,

Have I caused a nuisance to the world? Have I worried the universe? Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, I’m like the phoenix, rising from under the ashes, someday I will come back to live again.

Again and again, thank you for the question.

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