Google Analytics — How You Can Benefit From Just The Basics


For anyone new to Google Analytics, the thought of learning even the basics can be daunting. Whether you’re running a large corporate company or just the local small business , both of them can benefit from what this program has to offer.

Google Analytics is a tool that is extremely helpful for anyone in the business world. If you have an e-commerce business that targets a specific market then analytics is for you. — Google Analytics isn’t just for specific businesses; any brand can use analytics. Your company can track the performance of their advertisements; therefore determining where their customers are coming from and what they’re interested in.

Analytics can tell us who our audience is and how we can better align ourselves with them. This can easily be done by examining demographics and interest reports. The data from these provides information about the gender, age and location of your potential clients, while the interests of your customers can be seen through Affinity and In-Market targeting. These segments will allow you to understand exactly who your customers are, along with their online activity.

On Google Analytics you can do continuous testing under the Contents Experiment tool, allowing the user to test a range of aspects on your website that will help you improve your overall conversion rates. Once you master the to use of this interface, you’ll be able to see improvements quickly. This is just one of the many hidden gems within Google Analytics that your company could greatly benefit from.