Oxford Development Brings Big Changes

Photo courtesy of http://oxfordms.com

It’s no secret that the beautiful town of Oxford, Mississippi is becoming densely populated, with a community of college students, young families and retirees. In 2010, the U.S. Census recorded 18,916 people living in the city. According to mississippi.edu, Oxford’s population projection is expected to grow to an estimated 51,118 by the year 2020.

Anyone who lives in this town has seen the recent developmental changes within the last year. Oxford is now booming with new retail stores, restaurants and developments. Some of this expansion includes the Galleria I, Galleria II and Oxford Market Place located on West Jackson Avenue.

John Trezevant, president of Trezevant Realty Corporation, owns the new development called the Gallerias. According to Trezevant Realty Corporation, the entire project is 220,000-square feet of shops and restaurants.

With construction still underway in the Galleria II shopping center, there a only a few businesses open to the public. These shops provide new retail options for Oxford residents.

While residents are excited about the new businesses appearing, could the town of Oxford become too overdeveloped?

Oxford is known as “Cultural Mecca of the South”, with a rich history, small town charm and creative community according to oxfordms.com. With the University’s high enrollment rate, Oxford is seeing an influx in people every year. The small town has to accommodate for the needs of everyone here. This is just one of the contributing factors for Oxford’s quick expansion.

In turn to conserve the town’s architectural integrity, the city has created the Oxford Historic Preservation Commission and the Courthouse Square Historic Preservation Commission. These commissions are put into place to protect the city’s historical properties and control specific development.

While change is inevitable in Oxford, citizens of the community strive to maintain the eclectic feel that this small town has always had.