The Guide- Unique Instructions In Living With The Norms…


Life is what one makes out of it. There are special instructions-guidelines in coasting through this unique phenomenon known as life. Being mortals ,we have come to embrace society’s set trends- going back to back with routines. What a pity! Are you satisfied with the things that are presented to us by our fellow mortals? Swallowing anything that is forced down our lungs all in the name of having to fit in a particular space.

This character that I would build will lead to places and attain greatness raising bars so high that comprehension will be redefined. I shall bridge into the unknown, disrupt comfort zones and showcase the fact that man can become immortal. This manuscript shall be the road map to a safe haven- that place which shields one of the swords and arrows of the victims of stereotypical thinking- fixation that has made mankind to be static in one space.

Instruction One (I1)

I1 Spiritualist-The Free Worshiper

My inner self “Ka” has merged with the Supreme being, uplifting the concept of likeness that my Creator spoke about in the holy scriptures. I will not accept the fact that the Supreme being — God is only right above the skies,but in every being present on this earth. Every individual possesses a piece of God in them . This is evident in the radiance of people.


— Separate your body from your “KA”- soul.

— Kill your body and entangle your soul to the heavens.

— Offer sacrifices to the Supreme being- God through charity( give to the less privileged and volunteer for causes).

— Beg for forgiveness on behalf of your ancestors and blend flour with honey that is offered to them as food with water on the side. This is also a form of worship as it ensures that the two realms of nature are kept aligned.

— Intense meditation(Close eyes and wander through places of positivity).

— Always be naked in the comfort of your dwelling place as this is the most sacred form of worship. It is a form of appreciation to one’s creator having the vessel in which the inner self resides.

Instruction Two(I2)

I2 Adam’s Descendant- The Epitome Of Health

Man was previously placed in Eden- that direct mirrored architectural image of the heavens. The greens,colourful fruits and fresh water were consumed for the betterment of not only the body but the soul. Herbs were also part of man’s gracious diet. Today, man has so evolved forgetting the roots that have enabled us to reach such heights- that fresh and raw trend of consuming plants attaining it’s benefits at a highly satisfactory level.


— Eat raw- vegetables and fruits must be consumed in their crude form except if needed to be cooked a little bit.

— Drink loads of water daily, especially one at room temperature.

— Bag of Healing and Protection- Powerful Herbs

Garlic,Ginger,Mint leaves,Basil, Parsley, black seeds/Black seed oil, Moringa Blend(All the components of the tree must be boiled together in one pot on very low heat and consumed), onions and cayenne pepper.

— Eden’s Therapy Of Staying In Shape- Long-walks, Yoga , Stretching and Highly choreographed dancing.

Instruction 3(I3)

I3 The Nomad Knowledge Seeker

He who seeks knowledge from diverse spaces is nomadic in acquiring developed wisdom. The knowledge one attains today reflects on their outlook tomorrow and also the way they treat this beautiful habitat we reside in. The acquisition of knowledge enables us to navigate places beyond our imagination and creates an avenue in aiding in the reconstruction of Society.


— Read a lot of books centered around Philosophy, History, Spirituality,Leadership, Poetry, Empowerment, Politics, Globalization,Culture,Diversity,Human Rights and Equality.

— Culture Engulfment(Travel to different countries and meet a lot network with people understanding their origin/culture; relate these diverse cultures with yourself.

— Involve in meaningful conversations that are beneficial to Society and your insight as well.

— Sonically widen your horizon by listening to conscious lyrics highlighting on global issues and life in general.

Instruction 4(I4)

I4 Thick Skin- Carefree Response To Society

Man in general tends to take everything thrown at them into consideration, allowing these stones to turn into thick thorns in the flesh. Isn’t this enough pain? An instance that will belittle the victim halting them in their path to greatness or even freedom. We try to put others down because our own selves are so insecure about the being we are. The only way to survive this misconception of thy self is to adapt a thick skin that can stand the test of time.


— Respond to negativity with divinity- that level of positivity that impels darkness back to hell.

— Relentless Approach- Knowing the fact that your soul has been tied to the heavens, your existence on this earth has a purpose. Wake up and go along with the tides regardless of whatever the case might be.

— Attain your drive from your mistakes, pain and failures. This drive will be embedded in strength that is so feasible that society will start to question if there has been an invasion of the human race.

— Stand up and let your voice be heard through your will power; that resistance that shows clarity of the possession of the skin.

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