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International Perspectives on Education draws on the knowledge and experience of international educationists. Making a Difference Around the World.”

Are you wondering why people start working at international schools? Or if it’s the right move for you?

We’ve heard a lot of amazing answers, but here are five of our favorites:
 Benefits! Many international school contracts provide things like housing, medical insurance, shipping allowance, air transportation, tax benefits, free tuition, and utilities, making it possible to save far more than a teacher ever could at home!
 Adventure! Teaching abroad means exploring a new country, new landscapes, new languages, new food…it’s a whole new world! Plus, international contracts are generally only for two years, so you have the ability to dive into a new part of the world with each new move, or stay put in your new exciting home.
 The opportunity to grow! This applies to you and any family you bring along. Living abroad gives children friends from around the world, and a colorful global outlook to strengthen them for the rest of their life.
 Job security. As our world becomes more connected than ever, international education is a growing market. Since 2010, we’ve seen more than 40% increase in international schools and a 45% increase in the number of teaching staff.
 And of course, the teaching! Being an educator in an international classroom gives you a chance to teach a smaller class size with more flexibility. Become an educational innovator while transforming a unique group of young thinkers and leaders.

We’re a little biased, but ultimately, we think people decide to teach overseas because the experience is awesome!

Your reasons may be different, especially if you’re an English teacher with your heart set on Greece or a physics teacher dreaming about Bali, but we hope this list inspires you to learn more about the teaching opportunities! Did we miss yours? Send it to us here!

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