Issol- the Best BIPV designing Expert

Issol is the pure solar glass manufacturer or as an engineering company, which provide the service of designing and manufacturing the bipv products. Company located near Brussels in Belgium.

it is a company of solar glass manufacturer and a project developer of Active Glazing solutions. In collaboration with the world’s most famous contemporary designers, we develop beautiful active buildings that generate their own electricity using the free energy of the sun. Solar systems are thus multifunctional construction materials, it provide the energy as well as generate energy, its designing make it superb finishing.

Issol counts on a dedicated team of architects, engineers and physicists with proven experience in the field of BIPV; they design and provide the solution related to the problem of glazing voltaic glasses to make a best BIPV building. They are able to provide answers to any concern of any project.

We have the capable and expert staff to give an architectural function to design the best building with energy generating wall of photovoltaic glass. Photovoltaic technology is comparison to best and replacing conventional building materials by active building materials with the help of our service. Our expert designs the building that is look like a stylish create with Building-integrated photovoltaic electric power systems{BIPV} that is also the source of creator of solar energy and not only produce electricity, they are also part of the building. at there our experienced and experts team provide the easiest way to include BIPV into newly built structures to give a best designing with source of energy generated by solar panel situated in the wall but it is also possible to reform them to existing buildings too, It generate the solar energy, that is profitable deal.
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