Exit Interview: Gabi Discusses Co-Founding IssueLab, the Past 12 Years, and What’s Next

Dec 30, 2017 · 5 min read

LB: Gabi, we’ve been working away at this thing called social sector knowledge management for a long time now. If you had to pick one lesson you learned over the last 12 years, what would it be?

LB: You’ve done so many projects — special collections on disconnected youth, access to palliative care, and risk in philanthropy. As well as knowledge syntheses (a service that you created!) on fresh water management and sustainable fisheries. Is there one project you’d say is your favorite?

LB: In recent years you’ve become increasingly involved in evaluation and impact measurement. Makes sense to me — you’ve always been a stickler for baselines. What peaks your interest in this space?

LB: What is one wish you have for IssueLab?

LB: What’s next?

GF: But maybe more importantly … what’s next for IssueLab, Lis?


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IssueLab gathers, indexes, and shares the collective intelligence of the social sector. We are a service of Foundation Center. (@fdncenter)

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