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Aug 4, 2016 · 3 min read
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by Joe Hyrkin, CEO of issuu

It’s election season in the US and in three months America will elect its next President. During the last two weeks of July, the Republicans and then the Democrats held their conventions. Some speakers offered profound, inspiring and moving speeches. Some heavily “borrowed” the words of past convention speakers. Some highlighted and dug into the issues of the day. And some shared as if they were part of a reality television program. While the conventions and the ongoing news chatter that followed the nightly speeches were entertaining in a lot of ways, a thriving democracy relies on its citizens to be informed and to think about the impact of their vote and how the people we elect to represent us and our country will execute their responsibilities.

A strong democracy depends on the thoughtful and continued participation of all its citizens. For those of voting age, you have just three more months to learn, to adjust your views and to envision how the candidates might really operate as the President of the United States.

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via USA Today

As in many elections, each candidate in this one has flaws and shortcomings. It’s important to understand them and to look at them within the context of the world in which we live and the future that lies ahead. For instance, is Trump’s wall viable? And is it really the symbol Americans want with which to replace the Statue of Liberty, long our welcoming beacon? While the result of this election determines the president for a relatively short 4 years, the impact of decisions and appointments made during their term could reverberate for decades. This president will appoint dozens of federal judges and, realistically, three or four Supreme Court judges. An uninformed and cavalier vote based on tweets, soundbites and click-bait-oriented headlines serves no one.

How does issuu fit into this?

Voting matters, but so does access to information, ideas and differing perspectives.

A free and open press and publishing ecosystem is at the heart of a thriving democracy. In 2016, we are privileged to have digital access to more content, ideas, videos and information than at any other point in history. So read. Watch. Share. And above all, go deeply into the information that is available.

At issuu, we strive to objectively offer access to content that matters most to people, and that can inspire new ideas and passionate thoughtfulness. Because publishers of all stripes rely on issuu to digitally make their content available, we are able to offer conflicting ideas and challenge the reader to use that information to make decisions. Readers can find local magazines that provide a grassroots exploration of issues and examples of what candidates have actually done, bios of each of the RNC’s speakers, a range of views and experiences on and with Hillary Clinton and much, much more.

A free and open publishing system feeds our modern society, and we take on the responsibility of supporting it very seriously at issuu. In this election year, we want issuu to be the place you turn to savor ideas and explore what matters, so we’ll be updating our Elections category regularly with content that serves to challenge, inform, inspire and connect.

See you at the polls!

P.S. If you haven’t yet, register to vote here.

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