Thoughts About Power On An Evening Daydream

(First post. I’m choosing to dive right into this. Thus this is the only recognition I’m gonna give to this being my first post. Enjoy. Or don’t. I’m sorry for wasting your time if you don’t.)

Sometimes I walk and think at the same time. Random thoughts mostly. When something I want to remember comes out of it, I tend to jot it down somewhere. Usually that somewhere is my phone. So here goes some of those phone notes, in a thought I was having about why we make friends and why so many of us crave power.

I felt during this thought process that humans crave power as protection mostly. I like to think we’re not all bad, but just looking to survive. So we don’t want power for the sheer goal of controlling something, but we want it so that we can feel safer in a world where we tend to have little control. Most of us have a notion that power comes when we have power over others. The thought process to this is usually: “if I am superior to others in some way, then I can command them and thus be safe”. However that kind of power is fake. It is usually admired by those who are in fact weak or scared. Therefore that same person projects a persona of someone considered “strong” by modern society’s ideals, so that they may feel protected by this so called “power”.

True protection however, is brought about by the relinquishment of power. In other words, letting go of these personas we create. In doing so, we become exposed to others, and our real weaknesses and strengths are shown. This is how we gain REAL friendship and camaraderie, and these are the people who will in reality give us true protections. For they are the ones that will stand up for us if ever such a time of need comes. But we must never want their friendship solely for the purpose of this protection, no, we must never actually expect anything of them. It is only by loving unconditionally that we gain this trust and companionship that so many desire but so few have managed to acquire.

So I guess the irony of it all is that only thru the relinquishment of power, can we gain it truly.