Finding Joy

Meet Martha. She is the most precious 8 year old who, every time I walked by, waved excitedly and held her hand out for me to hold. She was in a hospital bed and couldn’t move around much, but in song, Martha put her hands together to clap and wave. But Martha’s hands are different. She is different. She can’t walk unassisted, and doesn’t have much to say. But she smiles! At everything! She is joy incarnate.

And that makes me wonder…why don’t I, who have 4 limbs that function and everything my heart could desire, smile at everyone who walks by? Why don’t I reach out to hold the hands of those I love all the time? Why can’t I seem to find joy in the small things?

And I stop to pause and reflect on where I put my energy and attention and realize that joy is found in the simple things — like a rainbow. And here, in Kijabe, joy abounds. And I am made better for it.

A rainbow I saw soon after I spent time with Martha.