In India during monsoon time, the air is thick and heavy. It smells a little bit of the perfumes from the flowering bushes, a little bit of sweat and mostly like car exhaust. In India, there are thousands of people driving, walking, bicycling, calling out in Hindi “Vegetables”, honking horns, and some, sleeping by the side of the road. This is a feast for the eyes.

In India, there are thousands of children born every month with clubfeet. And, for these children, CURE is a hope for them. Their parents brave the traffic, the heat, the basic exhaustion of just being a parent, and bring these children to a clubfoot clinic to have their feet fixed. They want more for their children — they have hope that one day, their children will run, skip, hop and walk.

In India, parents love their children and have hope for them, just like in America.