India — Clubfoot Clinics

Today, we went to three separate clubfoot clinics, all swarming with families anxious to have their children healed. The question on these parent’s minds were,

“Why MY child?” “What did I do wrong?” “Will my child ever be normal”?

These were the same questions my parents had when I was born. They were anxious and worried just like these parents in India are. They wondered if I would ever be able to run and play. Would I be able to go to a typical school? Would I have other issues?

Chloe Howard istandbeautiful talking to parents.

I was able to speak to these parents and show them my foot now (Yep, shoe off, held proudly in the air) and a picture of my foot when I was born. And in that moment, we were all connected. Even though we speak different languages, have different colored skin, have a different SES and, perhaps, a different religion, we are all the same. And that is powerful.