Jesus and Love and Us

I’ve always struggled with prayer. The act of praying, in particular. This morning that was put to the test.

There was an awesome prayer meeting today with the CURE staff and CURE U students.

This morning, at CURE International’s headquarters, we spent an hour in prayer. While praying for the Go Teams and for the organization and for the surgeons and nurses and patients and families, I felt some sort of overarching love.

I was reminded of the power of prayer but also of the importance of love. Not only is it important to love Jesus, but it’s also important to love ourselves. We worship God by loving Him AND ourselves — by honoring God’s creation. Us. Self love is important. Remember, in everything you do, that you are LOVED. Love yourself; you deserve to be loved. STAND Beautiful with us, and feel the love.

This is the Cross that we tied prayers to.
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