Wisdom from Dr. Rick Manning

My week at the CURE Mission Support Center was amazing. I have met people who have already changed my life by their wisdom and mission: To heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God. I was fortunate to meet with Dr. Rick Manning, Director of Medical Operations, who had so many stories to tell. He was at the CURE hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan between 2005 and 2013 and now has the opportunity to work with all the CURE hospitals supporting the medical directors and building relationships.

Dr. Manning was in Afghanistan after the Taliban fell so Kabul was two years into the reconstruction effort and felt very much like a post-war country. Dr. Manning was there when bombs still fell around the CURE hospital and living quarters. He said that he took precautions, but has always believed that, “When the Lord decides to take me, I am ready”. When I asked him what saying YES to God looked like he responded by saying that “the primary obstacle has always been me — not the Taliban, not others. This has forced me to confront myself to be challenged and stretched. To appreciate comfort when it’s there and to try and feel loosely attached to it.” He also added that, “God is incredibly patient. I keep getting up — He doesn’t want me down and He wants me to try again”.

Chloe Howard, STAND Beautiful interviews Dr. Rick Manning from CURE

I did want to know what his best advice for me would be and he said, “Chloe, keep it human with God everyday. Keep your eyes and ears open and take time to reflect”. And that’s exactly what I plan to do! #istandbeautiful with you Dr. Rick Manning!

Chloe Howard is a motivational speaker and the voice of http://standbeautiful.me, an #antibullying movement promoting the acceptance of self and others.

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