Instagram : a social network with a metastasized cancer

On November 2106, I went on a trip to Punta Cana with two of my friends. During that trip, I met a dazzling German woman. She was there with one of her friend who was bald.

But as you guessed from the beginning, I missed the opportunity to ask her contact informations. The whole case here is a missing connection situation.

On my way home on the plane, I was optimistic on the fact Facebook or Instagram social would be my panacea. I applied the six degrees separation theory and I was like : “I have a small chance to meet her again !”.

The theory on paper

In my case, I only needed to reach 64 millions of Germans. Easy on paper !

x = 36

So, if only every people share to 36 of his/her contacts and they do the same, reaching the 64 millions people is done in 6 shares.

That makes around 62 millions people

So I created a Facebook page along with an Instagram account and started from ground zero. Well, I come back to earth with a hurtful bump !

Microsoft, Facebook or even those PhD who talked about the subject are all wrong ! Because scientists only see the mathematics side of a problem. The human side is always left behind.

Microsoft proved the six degrees separation theory. And Facebook even claimed a lower number of degrees : three and half degree.

The human side of the theory

First, something worth to note : Germans are not fond of social networks. That’s changing nowadays with last born millennials and generation-Z. I am thankful to a bunch of them who shared or liked the post. But still ! And that brings me to the second point.

Second, you need to convince people to share. Otherwise, my message will not reach that German woman. And that’s not easy. Ironically, even if the six degrees of separation theory is verifiable, in that numeric world, it’s pretty difficult for someone to stand out. So convincing people you’re not there for fame, is quite difficult.

#follow4follow #like4like

They are the tumors growing inside Instagram. I bet you’ve already had a like or a follow from some stranger. Usually it’s a business trying to grow it’s users base but it can also be someone who promotes from time to time products.

I received a lot of those ! People trying to inflate their statistics. I tended to follow back to get a like (which are much more valuable to me since a like to one of my posts is spread on the news feed : giving me more chance to reach other people). But guess what, once followed, they forget you !

And I have better news ! After a while, they curate their account, un-following people so their account follows a lot less of accounts. That way, they can lure out legitimate instagrammers in the fact that they post good contents. And voila !

The devil’s path

My ultimate goal is not fame. To paraphrase Matt Damon in “The Martian” : luckily I am a software engineer, so I am going to science the $h!t of it by siphoning, following and liking all the valuable accounts on Instagram by using a bot. Stay tuned, I’ll explain in another post how I plan to invade Instagram.

Obviously, if you can help me find that woman by sharing this page or my Instagram account, I would be forever in your debt !