Spotify Data Visualization

Following the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election, I was curious to see how that might affect the song listening habits of the many users of Spotify. Doing some quick searches online of Spotify’s user base, it seemed more than half of its users were millennials. With presidential elect Donald Trump as the recent winner, would that lead to a negative or positive impact on the types of songs users listened to?

I created a node script to access Spotify’s data on its songs. Most importantly, I wanted to see how the popularity for different song groups that were either happy, sad or apocalyptic changed over time.

The graph above indicates that the popularity of songs that are happy on average was the highest, followed closely by sad songs. I was surprised that the apocalyptic songs were 10 points in popularity behind given the high amount of pessimism I’ve seen on the internet, social media and daily interactions with people I’m surrounded by. Millennials in general are very anti Trump, so if there is an association with the music and recent events, happy music maybe to compensate for the negative news. What could help determine if there is an association is gathering data following directly after November 8th which I was unable to retrieve. Seeing if there are any clear spikes in popularity following the election might give us a better idea on its effect for Spotify listeners. However, it’s good to see users are still focused on the positive!