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I agree with another commenter about how once you tell this in the English language, you’re already Western-izing the story. After that, anything’s game. You can be as sensitive in you want in making the cast for Moana, but what’s the point when you have lines in the film like “Really? Blow dart in my butt cheek?” Are lines like this boosting Pacific Island credibility any?

Disney makes these casting choices for safe marketing not because they want to. Honestly, I’m excited about POC leads and I hope they use this as a launchpad for better careers ahead. But the film is very likely going to suck.

Making Will Smith the Genie did remind me of James Earl Jones performance in Faerie Tale Theatre back in the day. You should watch that episode on YouTube. It’s directed by Tim Burton. It’s seriously one of Jones’ best roles. He relishes it.

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