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“Maybe the best move is to let the NBA’s arms race play itself out and sit in a bunker for the next few years.”

Does anyone out there know Jerry West is 79 years old? As people keep making these Machivellian assumptions regarding his handiwork on the CP3 trade, it’s certainly possible he’s just another voice in the room. Y’know, an advisor. NBA media has this odd tendency to repeat the names they know over and over again in stories as if the league is controlled by eight or 12 front office execs.

Also, Doc Rivers clinging to Austin has been one of the more embarrassing examples of blatant nepotism in recent years with any sport. Would Austin get even half of the minutes he got in LA elsewhere? Seriously! I don’t know if Kenny Atkinson could find that much time for him on last year’s Brooklyn squad.

And it’s not just some sentimental Hallmark father-son pride thing going one here. Doc Rivers made $8 mil for his entire playing career. His son has already made over $10 mil and will have accumulated $12.65 mil when his contract ends in 18–19. I truly don’t understand why this isn’t controversial. Austin won’t even be in the league by 2020.

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