A disastrous move then, and one that has haunted the franchise ever since.

Nah, I’m with goose here. We can’t overlook how difficult it is to simply get into the playoffs. I think five years ago none of us knew how pathetic the NL East would be in between then and now. I support GMs who are conscientious of their young pitchers’ arms but strike when the rare playoff moment arises. It’s all hands (er, arms) on deck come the hunt for October. It’s a sport of superstitions and you don’t do something like Rizzo did regardless of your over-rational ABCD logic.

I think Washington deserved a franchise curse for the decision. But now, I’m kind of neutrally rooting for them. They’ve paid their dues and everyone in the DC area desperately needs entertainment coming from somewhere beyond the White (Horror) House.

Another odd side note to that 2012 NL playoffs: If you’ll recall, the Cincinnati Reds played a tight five-game series against the Giants. One very shocking omission they left off their playoff roster was Billy Hamilton, whose minor league base blazing was becoming the stuff of legend. The fact they didn’t call him up to be a pinch runner was a decision they have not been able to easily reconcile with success since then. (Cincy could have replaced 38-year-old Miguel Cairo for Billy since Cairo had two useless at-bats that series.) That was Cincinnati’s peak and they blew it.

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