yes, I agree with you it isn’t right to rate it one star just because of his words but being in…
Rama Krishna Reddy Sabbella

He has his freedom of speech, He is free to speak whatever he wants.

Although the things he said weren’t said in public, this line was told by him during some internal communication in a company and to be honest, he spoke the reality. He didn’t say it in public and even if he would have said that some sane business owners would surely support him.

Also, Take an example of you starting a business in your state.

We all know our states are divided into districts and every district has some small places. Those small places also are divided into “Market place”, “Residential Area” and “Slums”. Given an amount in your hand to invest, where would you buy a shop to start your business, just be honest and answer that question to yourself. I’m sure, SLUM would be the last option to go for, right?

This doesn’t mean I’m comparing India to SLUMs, but the fact is, we know SLUMs are covered by Poor people. Calling a SLUM as a SLUM, shouldn’t actually hurt. This should be a motivational thing to them, this should be like an opportunity to the people, rather than spending their time writing reviews which no one gives a fuck about ain’t gonna make them rich. Would it?

Do you know why do small startups fail in India?

I’ve lived in Bangalore, a place where there is a startup for everything. I was one among the first users of the TinyOWL app, Do you know why did it go out of business? It is not because of the bad business plan, it is because of the fraud done by people. Trust me, I know people who did more than 20 referrals to themselves (So they ate 40 free meals worth Rs 100 each). This wasn’t just done by 1 person, a lot of people followed those tricks and enjoyed free meals by burning the investors money.

I also provide App installation thing, Trust me there are some apps which provide you free recharge for installing some apps. Mcent is one among the known names, although, it has a list of trusted apps, but people in India are ready to install *APPS WHICH COULD STEAL DATA LIKE ANYTHING* for a recharge of Rs. 10, Would someone rich do that? I’m not calling someone who wants free money as a poor guy, but the point is clear, We Indians are poor, accept it or not, It is a fact.

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