You may be correct, But such type of comments if floated in PUBLIC, can lead to disaster by the…
shri ram

Well, this discussion was a part of Internal communication that take inside every company which is International. Why do you think Google Play Music came to India now, when the technology was already available in the United States year back? That also was because of cost analysis and other analysis done by people working at Google, and I’m sure, India wasn’t one among the first countries to have that because the audience in India is poor.

The Snapchat is already available in India, the question was about to expand it in countries. So read the below lines and you yourself decide, whether what he did was right or wrong.

Given two countries X and Y, If X gives you $10,000 by putting some efforts and you get $100 by putting the same efforts from country Y, then won’t you call Y, a poor country? To remind you, advertisers in India don’t generally go above $1 ecpm (Cost per 1000 impressions) at the same time Snapchat is known for charging $100 ecpm from advertisers.

Also, We Indians are so good at this Uninstall thing that we end up installing and abusing a service without even looking at the service. Several people have noticed Indians going an uninstalling the Snapdeal app and abusing the CEO of Snapdeal.

To be honest, the one’s to install the apps are the same who run sites for pirated apps, they are the bloggers who target Tier 1 countries, they are the people who dream of going to foreign for further studies, they are the same who don’t give a damn to the other poor people of our country. Trust me, their patriotism could be bought by a 10 rs recharge, I bet you, out of 10, 6–7 people would end up installing Snapchat back and give it a 5 star rating just for 10 Rs. Are we not poor?

P.S: I’m an Indian, I respect Indians, but this is acting childish, moreover such things supported by people who are into Business related to Internet is even more stupid. We are poor, and there’s nothing to be offended of!

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