Escaping reality

How I wish ,

I was my shadow

then, I only have to follow.

Need not worry when I fall

and It’d be okay to not stand tall.

For, a shadow is just a flattened cast

of something more complicated and vast

Two dimensional — devoid not just of height

but also of pain and emotional freight.

How I wish, I lived

in the world of shadows

where there is not any place for my sorrows

where there are not much details

for someone to pay attention to

How I wish I was the figure

at the other side of the mirror

I can escape wearing that little heart

that can often fall apart

would be destined to just be abstract

could get away aping my real counterpart

Jut have to smile when she smiles

and also copy her frown — I don’t

have to act on my own

and can also happily rest

till she comes back — to test

How I wish I was a mirage

that could give people hope

and make them smile,

even if, only for a little while?

How I wish we were

living the day dreams

of our creator

and not the nightmares?

I spawn dreams

where people are

genuine and kind,

joyful and contended,

earnest and empathetic.

I how i wish

the creator of all reality

was light hearted as me..

How i wish I could pause reality

and indulge in what is believed as fantasy?