Motivational Posters I would want to have at my desk

The company I work for handed out some motivational posters to us. Though we believe in certain ideologies, we are too busy doing stuff that sometimes these ideologies have to be re-emphasised to us. Posters help a great deal in making a person breathe in such ideologies.

Apart from those philosophies that our employers want us to believe in, each of us could have our own theories. In this post, I am going to write about the motivational words that originated from my thinking.

There are days I find myself doing things in a less productive way. Analyse further and I can come up with various reasons on different days. Find in bullets, the posters I am going to gift myself.

  • It’s Okay

Thoughts like “What am I doing here? Had I done better at school, I could have been in a better position today”, “Why did I mess up my work yesterday, It was such an easy thing to do. Oh, that could have ruined my reputation”, “I shouldn’t have spoken to my mom like that this morning. She would have been hurt”, etc, are those that make us feel sorry for/about ourselves. Being in a state of remorse doesn’t set the right environment for productivity. So whatever makes you feel bad, tell yourself “It’s okay” and focus on your work. May be you can over analyse your sorrows when you hit your bed that night. Your company doesn’t pay you for being physically present and mentally pre-occupied.

  • Fix it NOW

There are also other issues that have you pre-occupied at work but unlike the above mentioned issues, crying over them at night might really not help. For instance, you might be finding yourself like a fish out of water in your team. You know something is not right in the equation and you keeping quiet on this issue is only going to make things worse. And of all the other things, it’s affecting your work day. So these are the kind of things that you have to fix NOW. yes, NOW. Go grab your manager and ask her/him why you were not involved in that decision making. Go tell your manager, how discriminated you feel in the team or how monotonous you find the work and discuss if interesting things are in the pipeline. Go discuss what’s making you unhappy. Unless you are going to speak up, most people are going to assume you are happy. So, mend things at the earliest. Fix it NOW. This mantra can also help you get rid of procrastination with regard to regular work.

  • When in doubt, explore. Still in doubt? Ask

People generally say it’s better to ask when in doubt than assume and do the wrong thing. But imagine how bad you can feel when you ask some (silly) question and your peer/lead says “You could’ve have just googled this” or when they somehow indirectly convey “Did you really not know this? How are you alive without knowing this”. It is this fear of being judged that prevents us from seeking clarifications most of the time. Other times it’s the motivation that to figure it out ourselves. That obsession over solving certain things by ourselves without help. Such obsessions are appreciable but unfortunately the time allocated for tasks are limited. When you are blocked in a sub-task, see how much more is left unconquered after doing that particular sub-task. If there is a lot left, then realise you are blocked at a trivial part and there’s no harm seeking help so as to quickly accomplish the whole. So if we don’t like to accept the saying “When in doubt, ask”, let’s tweak it to “When in doubt, figure out. Still in doubt? Ask”.

  • Deserve

This is something I firmly believe in. I always want balanced equations. I should deserve my salary and the other perks (like unlimited coffee,gaming zones, a nap room, quality food, cab services etc) that my employer grants me. My employer doesn’t pay and treat me well because she/he is so rich and doesn’t know what to do with her/his wealth. The company invests in me because it believes I have the talent to help in achieving its goals. When my salary is credited, I should feel I deserve it. On the contrary, if seeing ‘your salary got credited’ message makes you feel guilty, stop, analyse, discuss and fix it (ask for more responsibilities). Good or bad, take anything only if you deserve it.

Unfortunately such a pill is yet to be invented, so let’s be deserving :)

  • You just lost a second

This mantra is to keep reminding you that ‘Life is a countdown’, that you are part of a countdown. The moment you are born, you are dying already. There is just one life and it is important to do stuff that matters.

  • Own each second

It’s important to own each second and not let it own you. How often do you think we give our fullest presence to a second? Okay, I am not going to talk about the usual ‘past is past. Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery’ concepts. I have grown up hating such wordings. We can’t of-course live a present without taking future into consideration. Because, like Bill Watterson says “The problem with the future is that it keeps turning into the present”

Also, we can’t completely ignore the past. We need to take into consideration the learnings from the past, so as to not repeat some costly mistakes. But by ‘Own each second’, I mean something else. It’s about knowing what you are doing at that moment. It’s about giving your full (pretty much with inferences from the past and anticipations about the future) to every moment. It’s about not being pre-occupied, not being absent minded, not being inattentive. While you are relaxing at a movie, relax without worrying about work. Own every moment. We don’t got much time to waste.

  • Overcome inertia

Overcome Inertia and do things you want to do. Inertia can be overcome by external forces. When external forces don’t work, you be that force.

  • A and A’ can’t happen at the same time

A and A’ can’t happen at the same time. So choose the one that matters more.

If you are someone like me, these quotes can guide you too.

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