Difficult journeys typically tend to be life-changing experiences, and especially so when some amazing fellow adventurers join you for the ride. And every now and then, you have the opportunity to look back at how far you’ve come.

As the crew captain at Swym, I am responsible for making sure our journey is going someplace meaningful. We recently had a situation where we needed to make an important decision, one that could potentially have deep implications for the company and for each of us that’s a part of it. And ideally, we needed a solution that would be the right one for the company but at the same time, was fair to each member of the team as well. I did something I don’t normally do — I presented the facts and the considerations, told the team to deliberate and recommend what they felt was the right thing to do under the circumstances. And left the room.

I felt nothing but pride when they came back to me with their decision, and their rationale for it — it was well thought-through, steeped in reality, reflected an incredible amount of maturity from each person on the team, and most importantly, consistently put the company ahead of the individual in every single argument they put forth. That is not something you can teach, just DNA and part of the culture you aspire to create. Startups are incredibly tough journeys and the team is one of the biggest assets you have going for you — and to know that you are traveling with an awesome team that truly gets it, is an amazing source of strength. I feel so blessed and thankful to be on such a special journey with some special people!

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