The knowledge gap

Angular, React, REST API, Microservices, Continuous Delivery…

There are many fancy, trending technologies out there. The temptation is big for an architect to adopt them.

Angular is perfect for our new project. Let’s build a REST back-end for it with Spring Boot, deliver the software with docker images. Fresh, modern technologies, what could go wrong?

Are you sure your team is ready for the new technologies?

Software development became teamwork in the past decades. If most of your developers spent the last year with fixing outdated JSP pages, expecting them to switch to brand new technologies in weeks is irrational and lead to frustration.

How much do you know your developers? How much is the knowledge gap between the teammates?

If you want to a successful upgrade in technologies, it’s not enough having some experts with up to date knowledge. You have to educate the team seriously and consider the average knowledge base of the team.