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Shopper marketing is the art and science of influencing consumer behavior while they are shopping.

This field of marketing research seeks to understand how sights, sounds, aromas and appeals to the senses inspire customer interest and affect their decisions. …

Packaging Design: Herbal Essences Package
Packaging Design: Herbal Essences Package

Packaging design is all around us. It’s everything from the shampoo bottle we use to the box of crackers we buy at the store. These products all have unique packaging designs. Great packaging design depends on the packaging material, package shape and other key elements.

Packaging design inspires the art of living

Packaging design is like the…

Successful POSM Marketing

POSM are Point of Sales Materials. Many brands use them to drive in-store sales. They attract customer attention to products and ultimately inspire a purchase.

How POSM affects consumer choices

Many brands invest in POSM in hopes that it will attract consumers as they compete for customer attention in a store. Attracting a customer in-store…

Paradise Design

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