If I Can’t Have Me, No One Can (Kathleen Rebecca Forth — Born April 11, 1980)

Content warning:

The suicide note of Kathy Forth

My elevated sexual violence risk: Super survivors exist.

Who I really am:

A horrifying secret:

Isn’t dying net negative or something?

Here’s the silver lining:

The sort of secret I wouldn’t reveal under normal circumstances:

How to prevent suicides:

Rule #1:

Rule #2:

Rule #3:

Rule #4:

What is the root cause of the sexual violence moral panic and how do we solve it?

For accountability to work, all of these are required:

The enemies of the dead:

1. Michael Arc (Michael Vassar)

2. Robert Wiblin

3. Someone might be a clever stalker but I’m not sure enough.

The admiration of the dead:

Update 7/3/18:




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Itai Emberwell

Itai Emberwell

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