Why Snapchat has spent millions on Vurb

This is like playing chess: Facebook has killed Snapchat’s queen by launching Instagram Stories. Now, the latter knows it has to move from its old strategy, which has led it to be a $20 billion valuated company, to a better one at least to continue at the top of social networks. So, we are looking at what it is going to do.

The thing is that Snapchat has already move, and it promises to be a good investment. The yellow ghost has aquired Vurb which, described by their own words:

Vurb brings together information from apps and recommendations from people. Find places, food, or movies to make plans right now or save ideas for later.

Hummm, have you just invested $110 million on this, Snapchat!?

Yes! And it is a great idea (although you might be thinking Snapchat wants to be like Fever).

“Search Less. Do More.”

As we all know, Snapchat is great for sharing moments with the world and following other ones. However, you need to follow a specific username in order to see their activity, and here is where Vurb enters.

It seems that with Vurb’s team and technology, Snapchat wants to fullfill their lack of socialnetworkness, which is discovering new people to follow. So, I would be prepared for a feature called “People taking snaps near you” or something like that or recommendations based on your tastes.

Time will say what Snapchat is preparing for us, but it has to be soon because who knows which is the next move in this tech-chess-game.

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