Mapping Traveltech Solutions for the Post COVID-19 Era

The travel, tourism and hospitality industries have all been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The world-wide spread of the virus has resulted in a collapse in travel demand, followed by drastic travel restrictions in many countries.

While the pandemic still rages on, some restrictions are slowly being lifted around the world, and borders have begun to open. Still, for many, the idea of travelling abroad, or even local travel, is still quite unfathomable.

Travel and tourism are expected to resume fully only when the industry faces the new COVID-19 reality upfront, and adopts to the needed changes. This can be done successfully and quickly by integrating Traveltech solutions.

What is Traveltech?

Traveltech is the collective name for the application of information technologies, communication technologies and other disruptive technological advancements, in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

Traveltech startups offer various solutions, including the use of artificial intelligence in order to automatically upgrade bookings when a better room becomes available, as well as real-time price tracking algorithms that help customers or travel agents save money on flight tickets.

Traveltech is a growing industry that provides travellers with new, innovative and much more personalized ways to experience tourism.

During the COVID-19 crisis we see more and more startups that pivot their health / HLS / others technologies to the travel space in order to create trust between travelers and corporations, creating safe-zones with social distance for an example where travelers will be able to enjoy without the fear from the virus.

Israeli Traveltech Ecosystem

As the Startup Nation, Israel has long been a popular location for some of the world’s biggest travel tech companies’ R&D centres. These world leaders all come to Israel in order to innovate and work with local startups.

The ITTS, founded by me in 2017, is a prime example of the successful traveltech ecosystem in Israel. The ITTS is an established open innovation hub and a community of more than 300 travel startups, working in order to make Israel the centre of the global travel tech industry.

The uniqueness of the Israeli traveltech ecosystem is characterized by the strong bond between entrepreneurs and a mutual willingness to help one another. These startups work collaboratively in order to achieve goals and bridge the gaps between startups and corporations.

Traveltech and Covid-19

In order to assist both travellers and travel companies amid the crisis, traveltech startups around the world are already providing practical solutions that are relevant to our changed reality. These solutions are vital not only during the outbreak but are likely to be important in the post-COVID-19 era, as we can expect that even after the crisis will end, there will be some behavioural changes, and new demands from customers.

Innovate Israel, Israel’s leading open innovation hub, set on creating a global, innovative community that connects leading corporations seeking advanced technological solutions ,in all domains, with fresh initiatives, has surveyed and listed some of the most successful solutions offered by traveltechs around the world, and is proud to present the following map:

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These solutions, often based on sophisticated models of analytics, include the following startups:

Smartair Group: Founded in 2016, the Smartair Group operates a turn-key solution for setting up full-fledged profitable Digital Travel Agencies in new markets, solving some of the industry’s most persisting challenges, including the challenges expected following Covid-19, in a transformed and distressed industry.

Zenner: Zenner is an AI-powered travel assistant, keeping travellers safe on the road, while providing them with 24/7, data-driven travel intelligence and assistance, relevant to the current crisis and beyond.

Howazit: Howazit is a smart pro-active customer care platform, which enables organizations to engage automatically, personally and interactively with their customers, throughout their entire customer journey, without the need for face to face interactions.

Pinsteps: Pinsteps is an app and a web platform for passing and creating virtual routes and excursions and allows tour guides and travel bloggers to create the content and sell it even without participating in excursions in real life.

Hotelmize: Hotelmize has developed a data-based, highly efficient repricing technology that helps hotel distributors, bed banks, wholesalers, and travel agents to increase their profitability by 30%, raise their business standards and deal with COVID-19 related cancellations.

SeeTrue: SeeTrue enables social distancing by increasing passenger throughputs and reducing contact between people, security officers and luggage. Furthermore, SeeTrue helps with recovering from COVID-19 financial challenges, as it increases dwell time in commercial areas for airports and reduces operational costs.

Air Doctor: Air Doctor is at the forefront of ‘New Healthcare’ by providing private medical assistance to any traveller anywhere in the world. Whether it be clinic or home visits or telemedicine in any language with the ability to offer prescriptions globally, Air Doctor has the solution for users and insurers alike.

Triplan: Triplan’s app takes into account the number of days a traveller has available as well as their geographic location, area of interest, and the tourists’ characteristics and sets up the “best of the best” itinerary for them, including an easy-to-follow map. The company’s unique algorithm takes into account COVID-19 related restrictions, enables online tickets booking in advance and recalculates the recommended daily rout accordingly to current pandemic related events.

Gamitee: Gamitee was created to help users by allowing them to collaborate easily online, on many different verticals. Gamitee’s tool aligns perfectly with COVID-19 related behavioural changes and offers customers to invite their friends to company’s websites, chat (text or video) and feel like they are sitting together and planning their trip.

DutyFreeList: DutyFreeList is an app which provides travellers with a duty-free preorder solution that reduces their time in the airport, as well as their social interactions there.

Mastermind: Mastermind is reducing the commercial in-person interactions and replacing it with video interactions, by that allowing to the on-street businesses to be managed remotely.

ArtofTrip: ArtOfTrip is a novel mobile app and platform for building trust and communication between a tour operator and a tourist. It allows operators to offer tourists 24-hour travel support, recommended safe routes and warn about changes, and carry the necessary health documents in digital form.

Soapy Care: The company offers smart IoT enabled, water-conserving sinks (ECO Hygiene Micro-Stations) that help with handwashing quality assurance and provide data about hand hygiene that can help prevent spreading diseases.

Corsight AI: The company has created a multipurpose face recognition solution, that allows seamless security checking and boarding, even while wearing masks.

Meeba: Meeba can help governments, municipalities, companies, parks and businesses know where the travellers are and what they plan to do in a confidential way and can help prevent the further spread of COVID-19. The company offers a technology that allows for basic and universally accessible health and wellness services for everyone, anywhere.

Pruvo: Pruvo is an AI-driven solution that automatically tracks hotel bookings, monitors their price 24/7 and helps increase profitability by 36% on average by automatically re-booking those reservations when their net price drops.

Splitty: Splitty is the first-of-its-kind booking platform that uses proprietary ML technology to provide creative hotel booking offers for consumers. The company hasas created the largest and most comprehensive guide to over 200k hotels worldwide, and has detailed profiles, with information about safety, cleanliness, hygiene and more.

Bridgify: The company specializes in customized in-destinations tours and activities as SAAS for travel retailers to generate new streams of revenues while improving travelers’ continuous experience.

Aura Smart Air: The company offers a smart air quality platform that cleans and disinfects indoor air while vigilantly monitoring its quality in real-time by personalizing its functions to user behaviour.

Sweet Inn: Sweet Inn has developed its own proprietary technology, innovating business operations and guest experience by automating task management and resource allocation. The company offers a keyless entry technology in order to reduce unnecessary face to face interactions.

These are only some of the excellent traveltechs presented in the above map, which is set to grow as more startups offer solutions in order to successfully deal with the current crisis and its effects on the travel industry.

Traveltech startups that offer solutions that are relevant for the COVID-19 crisis and beyond it, are welcome to fill out this form in order to appear in the next version of the map.

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