Why Houseparty is a better form of social media for teens than Facebook and Snapchat
Michael A. Eisenberg: Six Kids And A Full Time Job

Michael, congrats for the current success of Houseparty, I hope they would continue to ride the wave they are on as I presume the major challenges are still ahead for them.

I completely agree with your criticism of the “likes addiction” phenomenon but must take an issue with this: “We are starting the move from the era of fantasy to the era of reality”.

It’s true that current social networks promote unrealistic fantasies for many, but they are unrealistic not because they are unachievable but because the current mode of operation of the large social players prevent them from becoming reality.

Imagine a young Indian woman so blessed she writes poems experts would have compared their uniqueness and depth to that of Robert Frost. Of course, no expert would have a chance to read them if she continues posting her poetry on Facebook with her 200 local connections or for that matter on Medium having almost no relevant followers.

I’m sure you don’t want to discourage her from her fantasy to get a global audience just because her chances of getting their are slim to none with current social networks.

Not all of us are like her, but many of us deserve much more eyes on us from relevant others and we are all getting a very bad deal in this respect. This current depressing reality is not written in the stars and can be amended and I’m proud to be part of a startup with a vision that would make a true Tikun Olam in this respect aka make the world a better place. Objectively, the odds seem to be against us, but that was the case with many disruptive innovations in their initial stage.

To sum it up — don’t settle for the current reality and label as fantasy what should and can be an exciting future.

Full disclosure — we are looking to raise an additional investment and would probably not manage to interest major VCs in participating, so I’m not waiting for a call… Still, I enjoy the idea I can plant this message here for future reference :-)