The most read person in human history

The invention of the written word, some 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, has launched an accelerated trend of humans reading writings of other humans. This educationally beneficial action, reading, got a major boost in the 15th century with the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg.

Since Gutenberg’s invention, humanity required to patiently wait for over 500 years until LinkedIn teamed up with an Emotional Intelligence expert, in order to present humankind with a truly disruptive innovation, boosting readership to the next, almost unimaginable, level.

The details of this major innovation are a little sketchy, probably due to a pending patent approval, but it seems LinkedIn tested its secretive Reading Boosting Technology (“RBT”) on one member’s posts published in 2015.

We would have to wait for the official press release by LinkedIn regarding its independently developed technology, but there is no denying the enormous effects the limited experiment they did conduct already yield, as all of us can witness.

The Results

One hour of meticulous arithmetic calculations on Dr. Bradberry’s posts metrics, the one and only member the experiment was conducted on, show that the implementation of this technology allowed his 91 posts published in 2015 to get 41,546,022 aggregate views from members of LinkedIn, or an average of 456,549 views per one post.

41 million reading sessions of one individual’s writings on just one website sounds like a lot, but one can only truly fathom this obviously successful technology when doing a comparative analysis.

  1. Please meet the top 10 Influencers of 2015 on LinkedIn. Although an Influencer, LinkedIn was of course right not to include Dr. Bradberry in this list, due to the unfair advantage the experimental technology provided him.
  2. But just to give you a taste of the future of reading, if we take the top 5 Influencers of 2015, and calculate their combined posts metrics we would notice that the 405 posts published in 2015 by Bill Gates, Richard Branson,Mohamed El-Erian, James Altucher and Bernard Marr got in aggregate, after extensive promotion by LinkedIn, “only” 22 million views, an average of 54,000 views per one post of each of the top 5 Influencers.
  3. Hence the technology, tested on Bradberry’s posts, attracted almost 1000% more readers than the extensive promotion LinkedIn provided its top Influencers yielded.
  4. Please meet the top 10 technology writers of 2015 on LinkedIn (according to LinkedIn). While they are not Influencers, LinkedIn did provide them with ample extra care in promoting and featuring their posts (check this one out).
  5. Still, the combined 223 posts in 2015 of all these 10 writers, received in aggregate only 4,114,026 views, an average of 18,448 views per one post each one of them wrote.
  6. Hence the technology tested on Bradberry’s 2015 writings managed to pull 2,500% more readers than the extensive promotion LinkedIn provided its top featured members.
  7. Once fully implemented, the commercial ramifications of this technology would obviously be amazing. According to Similarweb,, the global number one tech news site today, had 24.8 million visits (non-unique) on December 2015.
  8. Acknowledging that only one member on LinkedIn managed to get, with this innovative technology, as much visits to his posts in 2015 as the top tech news site in the world gets in 2 full months of operations, you can begin to understand the hype around the bright future of LinkedIn.

As for the members who write top quality posts but struggle to get views, I think the revelations here shed new light on the efforts LinkedIn is making to please you all. Once this awesome new technology is directed to all of our posts , I believe quality professional content would get the proper readership it deserves.

Untill then, if you wish to get more readers for your posts here please join the new & unique group (“New Post Published!”) created for just that:

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