Fujifilm | Portriats

The first time I held a Fuji mirrorless in my hands, I knew I was in love. It was sophomore year, I had just received my first real grant, and my Fuji x100s had just arrived. Having started off, like so many others, with Canons (R.I.P my trusty t3i), I was not used to cameras fitting in the palm of my hand (or not weighing approximately the same as a newborn).

The next five years would see me sell my canons (first the t3i, then the 7D), and move over completely to Fuji systems — the x100s, the xt1, and finally, the xpro2. I don’t see myself switching over to anything else: with my affinity for traveling light (I usually don’t switch lenses for shoots), and remaining unobtrusive, Fujis remain my favorite system to work with. Oh, and the design helps: very range finder-ish.

Shared below, a few of my favorite portraits with fujis over the years. All shot in available light.

Rest assured, my fujis are here to stay.