The mind-body problem is at the core of fundamental philosophical concerns for art theory, and that of free agency verses determinism. A basic claim goes if physicalism is right, then spiritualism is false, and visa versa. If spiritualism then we have free agency, if physicalism then we are determined by the laws of nature, that includes our every choice. So there is a certain amount of ideological baggage to be considered given the investment in any theory. There are many variants of the theory pertaining to the soul, which is Cartesian dualism- a soul within the brain interacting with the…

The philosophy of procrastination

A great part of life is set within a series of social circumstances that requires and even appears to necessitate choice. Although the flip side to choice is determinism which is based on causation as a determining factor to whatever a person, or even a non human chooses to do. However there is a sense that to be human is about being a sort of rational animal that by necessity entails choice as a prerequisite to action.

So, if choice is an illusion, and just a by-product of being a complex organism, it seems determinism as…

Time is a basic concept that involves past present and future. Also referred to as the flow of time, akin to a person being located at a present tense, where the past moves away, whilst the future moves towards the present sense of self. This intuitive concept of time places being above the biological process, as a rational, transcendent self.

Art as a reflective practice requires a basic mode of rational perception of being aware of an object, but independent of direct sense perception. This is the fundamental ontological distinction from ordinary states of sense perception based on direct input…

Italo Giardina

Artist based in Australia tropical north whose interests pertain to travel, the natural world, and philosophy in general.

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