BGOGO — a new decentralized crypto exchange, ruling by supernodes

Bgogo is a new crypto exchange that will include not only decentralized currency trading, but also the possibility of mining. Innovative technologies will allow you to quickly exchange assets with a complete absence of commission, even on the contrary, with a certain return for each perfect transaction.

This is the first crypto exchange with the “Supernode Listing Authority” system, designed to list the most promising and popular projects in the community.

Bgogo strives to become a stock exchange created by the community and for the community. A unique feature is the supernode system, with the power to add new crypto-currency. Also, users are given a trade commission at a rate of 105% of the total transaction commission.

The founders include representatives of the world’s leading Internet giants such as IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba and others. Several members of the team developers are world champions in computer programming. The team successfully completed the Pre-Sale round, which attracted $ 10 million. Famous foundations such as Capital, Sky9 Capital, Goopal Digital and Hike Capital have taken part in Pre-Sale.

In the Bgogo system (actually in voting system) there will be only 21 supernode. Most of the supernode communities are the largest blockchain organizations from around the world. All of them participated in a private token sale.

One supernode is functioning only a quarter in a year, that is, 90 days. Supernodes will then be reelected with the help of the ecosystem accounts rating. It means that at the end of each quarter they will be re-elected, and the new list will include only 21 of the most active accounts (that is, the largest holders of accounts). However, all of them will need to be required to pass the KYC and to be tested by the team. This is done to avoid illegal frauds with tokens and the ecosystem as a whole. If the applicant for the supernode status has not passed the verification, his place will occupy the next of the applicants in the list (that is, the 22nd).

Each supernod will be entitled to “one vote, one list”. This privilege gives the owners of the status of a supernode the right to choose a cryptocurrency for including in the list of traded cryptocurrencies on Bgogo. That is, during 90 days, the supernod will be able to list only one cryptocurrency. Moreover, it will be canceled by the whole team, and if the team suspects that it is not liquid, then it will be rejected.

If several supernodes are offering to list the same cryptocurrency, the team will independently choose a supernode at its own discretion. That is, every quarter, a fixed number of coins will be added to the stock exchange listing — 21.

If a user at least once is a supernode and has listed one digital asset, he will receive a lifetime of 20% of the total amount of commissions.

The rating of all accounts of the Bgogo platform will be generated every day. That is, calculating account positions will occur every day, in the sum of BGG tokens, which will be on the account of each account daily. Then, based on average results, the overall rating will be displayed every quarter.

The first 21 accounts are becoming supernodes. If one of them do not pass verification, then the status of a supernode will get the 22-nd candidate from the list.

It is clear so far that the project has an excellent concept and a solid team. In addition, there are no similar analogues yet. Such an exchange will be very popular.

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