Appreciating Your Workplace

In my visit to Shanghai, I learnt how mature are the intellectual emotions of my co-workers. I discovered employees that appreciate what they are part of, and every interaction is based on mutual respect. A direct result for this attitude is the feeling of a calm and pleasant workplace where tension becomes passion, and energy is focused to craftsmanship.

I used to work with people who were so focused in their personal state, that it made them completely ineffective and sometimes even harmful to the team, those “Rotten Apples”, as the CEO called them, eventually infect others. If you appreciate what you are part of and respecting it, it will be easier for you to handle complex situations, such as product shifting, reorganization and more.

Appreciating your team, let you focus on your daily work and invest your strength to be the best in what you do. Be less concerned on what you may loose and more into what you can gain. One last thing, appreciation should be mutual, and if you don’t feel like this then solve it.

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