Cross Teams Harmony

Harmony is the magic ingredient that brings powerful experiences to life, it is the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

The designer approach to solutions and the developer approach to solutions is just different, and in order to bring innovation to life, design and development teams must radically collaborate. When teams work in harmony, they can create experiences that defeat any technical barrier and achieve any designer’s desire. Doing real innovative design or functionality is hard if the developer arrive too late in the design process. Teams must embed design in their DNA — mixing the design and engineering teams is not a process — it’s a culture.

Let’s blur the barriers between designers and developers, make them sit together, teach designers to code and developers to design. Hiring multi-discipline people who are gifted in both art and science as they are ones who will “connect the dots”. Achieving collective ownership on the product, learning how to allow enough creative space for developers, and exposing technology achievements to designers. Let’s strength the relations between the teams, share the workspace, share the mindset, and above all, work as one unit.

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