From your website, and Github, it looks like the code of the apps are not open source.
Thibaut Sardan

Hi Thibaut,

We have now completed the audit of our smart contract so we’ll be open sourcing our smart contract very soon. We haven’t yet made plans regarding open-sourcing the app beyond specific libraries such as web3.swift.

Regarding phone number, we’ll be using it in 3 use cases:

  1. Send you a text message verification to ensure you are a real person. This blocks mass creation of accounts that could drain our ETH reserve as we subsidise the creation of the smart wallet. Once we send the text message we don’t need to keep the phone number, only a hash of the phone number. We have ideas to bypass this all together but it’s not yet being implemented.
  2. Argent Guardian Service: This is a service we offer for simple wallet recovery, today it requires the use of text messages but it’s fully opt-in.
  3. Text message alerts for important or suspicious activity on your wallet. This is a critical feature for wallet security, we haven’t yet implemented a way to disabled the channel but it it’s in our short term roadmap.

So once #3 is implemented we’ll only need to keep a hash of your phone number but we should be able to get rid of the #1 requirement alltogether.

We also plan to better communicate across the app what we do and don’t do with users’ data as we know privacy policies are complex and not transparent enough. Privacy is key to our mission at Argent so you should keep seeing improvements in the product and how we communicate on that front.